Grand Fantasy

Anatomy of a Pick'em Contest

What makes you a winner?

Each Grand Fantasy Pick'em contest has a correctness requirement for a player to be declared a winner. For example, in the screenshot below, the requirement to be deemed a winner of the Pick'em contest is selecting the correct winner of 11/16 basketball games.
The prize pool for the Pick'em contest is created through all collected entry fees. The prize pool is evenly divided between all winners.

Joining a Pick'em Contest

Joining a Grand Fantasy Pick'em Contest

Schedule of a Pick'em Contest

  • 24 hours prior to the first game tomorrow - Pick'em contests for the next day open
  • 1 hour prior to first game today - Pick'em contests for today close
  • ~12 hours after final game of the day ends - Pick'em contests are resolved, winners will be able to claim their MATIC

Collecting Your Winnings

Collecting Your Pick'em Contest Winnings

Viewing Your Past Contest History

Viewing your Past Contest History