Move Assets to Polygon

Bridging Assets to Polygon Network

Why Polygon?

Polygon is a blockchain network that provides secure, fast transactions with extremely low transaction fees. It allows us to leverage fast transactions and low costs to process thousands of bets daily.

Polygon Network is trusted by major blockchain projects such as Chainlink, Aave, Curve, Cream, Sushiswap, and Balancer.

Ethereum to Polygon

Polygon has an official bridge from Ethereum to Polygon. Note that a transaction fee in ETH is needed to bridge your assets.

The bridge supports Ether and any ERC20 tokens and is easy to use. It is the official and recommended method to bridge funds safely onto Polygon blockchain.

Worried about not having any MATIC for gas fees after bridging? Fear not, you will be given 0.01 MATIC when first using the bridge, which is sufficient to cover thousands of transactions!

Binance Smart Chain to Polygon

Options for bridging from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon Network

MATIC Faucet

If you find yourself out of MATIC for gas, you can always use the faucet to help you out.

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